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Have you received a legal notice from iparrow.com?

If You Have Received a Notice from iparrow.com

If you’ve received a notice from iparrow.com and believe it to be in error, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We highly value your feedback and aim to ensure the accuracy of our notifications. To assist us in effectively addressing your concerns, kindly provide as much information as possible.

Trademark Notice:

In cases related to trademark issues, we will require certain information from you. This may include relevant URLs, descriptions, images, and documentation demonstrating your authorization to sell the licensed content.

Copyright Notice:

For copyright-related matters, similar to trademark issues, we will need specific details. These may encompass relevant URLs and any documentation showing your authorization to host the content in question.

Important Information:

Please note that all notices from us will originate exclusively from the iparrow.com domain. Notices from any other domains are beyond our purview as we did not send them. Unfortunately, we will be unable to assist in such situations.

Contact Information:

You can use our contact form or simply forward the original email to our legal department. However, be sure to include the additional information to expedite our investigation process. We commit to responding within 4-6 business days IF all required information was submitted and we can actually assist you.