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Usenet Piracy


Usenet Piracy is growing at a tremendous rate. If you were to ask 10 normal people where piracy is most prevalent their reply will be bittorrent. While bittorrent continues to be a major cause for alarm an old resource is slowly slipping to the number one position. Its Usenet! Thats right, the 30 year old system that was created before the actual World Wide Web is rearing its head.  As a collective community pushes people away from torrents, they are turning back to Usenet due to the safety and speed it provides them.

Here are a few charts that we originally obtained from wikipedia and have since kept updated to show how much Usenet has grown since 1996.

That is staggering if you try to wrap your head around just how much content is being uploaded.  We are not advocating that Usenet is 100% bad.  It has a very valid and legitimate use, but like anything in technology it can be used in a negative manner.  Should we ban Usenet?  Absolutely not.  IP Arrow is here to help without the need to rewrite laws.  We offer a very competitive suite of options to help you with your anti-piracy efforts.

Our Stats

Since 2012, IP Arrow has sent over 350 Million DMCA/NTD notices and verified the content has been physically deleted for our clients.  We have worked closely with several large providers to ensure our requests were handled swiftly.  We have personally spoken with every major Usenet provider in the world through years of connections.  We have assisted providers with API calls to ensure content is being removed promptly.  We are the Usenet removal pioneers.  Others may attempt to do this but will never get to our level.  With our connections, our team monitors the entire ecosystem including indexing sites for many content markers, and with our commitment to our clients, there is not another company on the planet that can do this better.