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IP Arrow – Is Usenet Dead?

When most people think of Usenet, they think of an old technology that is archaic and is no longer used.  This assumption could not be further from the truth.  As you can see by the chart on our stats page, Usenet continues to grow in posts and volume.  We are 100% not saying that all content on Usenet is pirated, nor are all the posts related to copyright concerns.  We are merely showing how Usenet as an ecosystem has grown over the years.

In the early years of piracy on Usenet, other companies were stating that Usenet should not be looked at due to its usage.  This could be for a simple reason, it is VERY hard to properly monitor and remove content from Usenet.  You are dealing with the most sophisticated and intelligent pirates on the internet.  Their 1 goal is to hide their content for as long as possible.  IP Arrow’s goal is to find it (and we do) and then remove it for our clients.

If you are not currently thinking about Usenet as a source of lost revenue, you should reconsider.  There are many times our “First Alert” system notifies our client to the initial leak being found on Usenet.

Please contact us for more info on how we can help recover that revenue you are losing.