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IP Arrow Talks Zero Presence

We wanted to start our first blog/news section with an item we have discussed and shown since we started back in 2012. The term first originated for us back when we were The Morganelli Group and continued as IP Arrow.

The meaning may be different depending on your mindset. For us it means our clients content has zero instances on the specified ecosystem.

For example, if a client asks us to remove the piracy of a title on Usenet, our team starts a very exhaustive backscrub going back over 5000 days using our database. We then start to remove that old piracy while monitoring anything that is newly uploaded to that ecosystem. Once the backscrub is complete, we then are able to tell our client that their title has a “zero presence” on Usenet.

This is a very broad overview of our Usenet piracy removal system as well as explaining the term “Zero Presence”.

If you are interested in learning more about how IP Arrow could assist you in a broad manner or our Usenet piracy removal system, please use our online contact form or reach out directly.