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IP Arrow’s Search Engine Removal System

We have been doing search engine removal (SER) and data analysis since 2012.  Over the years, we started to focus much more on “quality of impact” on our clients.  

Let us explain what that means briefly.  We are not a company that will submit millions of notices to Google.  That is not what our system is built for.  IP Arrow will look at the first few pages on multiple search engines looking for human terms.  We work very closely with our client(s) in a manner to utilize SER and SEO in a way to maximize results while reducing costs.  Our belief is that you do not need to submit millions of notices to achieve optimal results.  When was the last time you personally went to page 2 or 3 during a search session?

IP Arrow will work hand in hand with you to ensure your goals are met.  We go over rules of engagement which helps our team clearly understand the type of links we should be focusing on.   Seeing what we can do will be eye opening, without killing your budget.

If you are ready for a fresh and different approach to search engine removal, contact us and let’s zoom.