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** For the sake of this article, assume the following word usage for ease:
automation – Youtube’s Content ID, Facebook Rights Manager, Twitter and Dailymotion

We all know about the automation of the main legitimate streaming services and their capabilities. When we had clients approach us asking what our solution may be regarding their copyrighted content on sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Dailymotion, we sat down with the entire IP Arrow team and had a company discussion. We wanted to better understand the shortcomings of already built and used platforms. The solution was our own automation “Content ID” monitoring system.

After the countless white board designs and mock ups, we were left with what we felt was the best solution to assist our clients. It was a combination of using the streaming site’s automation, our own search algorithm and human monitoring. Keep in mind, everything we are discussing is a very broad overview of the actual tech we utilize.

If you break down each part, it would look something like this:

  • “Automation” already has the capabilities to scan content but there are many variables it can not handle with 80% accuracy. Taking data from our client’s “automation” platform we are able to increase that accuracy to near 100% depending on each client’s rules of engagement.
  • Taking the data from “Automation” and adding that data to our own algorithms allowed us to further sort good/bad content.
  • Finally, like everything we do at IP Arrow, automation without human verification is not at the forefront. We have our team of agents scan potential data looking for infringing content. They work very closely with our client’s to ensure any questionable data is not submitted.

One item that remains a constant across all of our services is how close we work with each client. We are only an extension of the feedback we get from each client. We welcome constant communication as that is the best way to ensure we have a successful campaign.

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